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Slovakian Cuvac

Narodili se krásná štěňátka

Puppies of Slovakia Cuvac were born 27th of December 2009.Three female dogs and three dogs were born, together six beautiful puppies. The will be ready to come to you 14th of February 2010. If you are interested in them, please contact me on my phone +420 777 688 442. Puppies are chipped and vaccinated. You can come and see them after discussion to me.

Name of dogs:… Acorus, Argonaut, Axon

Name of female dogs:…Agni, Angelica, Arnica Montana

Mother:Hela ze Starého Vráta: DKK 0/0 – šampión ČR a PL, junior šampión SR, Evropská vítězka mladých, 5x BOB, 5x CACIB

Father:Beny spod Babej hory: DKK 0/1 – šampión SR a interšampión, 6x BOB, Klubový vítěz, 6x CACIB

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